Well I’m stoked! BDH is 3 years old.

We’re not yet in major media, known in pop-culture, or IPOing. Though still a far cry from what we’ll be doing in the future, I think there’s something to be said for growing for 3 years as a 100% bootstrapped business doing innovative things with happy clients.

Some personal reflections & realizations from the last year:

  • Besides seeing clients get to market with products we’ve helped them design, learning is by far one of the most rewarding parts of this endeavor.

  • This coincides with the prior point, but the physiology & sociology of engineering / business / life is fascinating. The technical stuff is really cool, but everything we do is human-centric.

  • Tough times in entrepreneurship can be really tough. The number of zeros after the dollar sign changes, the risk generally doesn’t. Shits crazy let me tell you.

  • Life sure is cool! There’s a lot of people doing things that make our time here a great window in history. It’s really inspiring & I’m working hard to be one of them.

In the interest of not taking up too much of your time, I’m keeping this short.

As always, & most importantly, a huge huge thank you to our clients, vendors, industry partners, & friends that have done so much to support BDH. I mean this from the bottom of my heart, it really means a lot.

Looking forward to checking back in when we’re 4!

Much love,

- Sam