At BRCHN Design House, art and science come together to create unparalleled results

Design + Engineer

We blur the lines between industrial design and mechanical engineering. Utilizing cutting-edge CAD software, we design in parametric and surfacing environments. Advanced finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and CAM simulation lead to high accuracy when engineering with manufacturing intent.


Studio environments, scene environments, videos, and interactive animations. Nothing short of a prototype sells your idea like the highest quality photo-realistic renders. The combination of an advanced material library, expertise in lighting & camera, and a background in marketing & branding gives us the edge in rendering.


Utilizing rapid prototyping tools such as our in-house 3D printers, we create functional and representative prototypes of your product in record time. Experience your color, finish, and material choices in preproduction. Having tangible product interaction in both form and function gives you confidence to invest in manufacturing.