We study humans: our designs are a byproduct

From robotic automated manufacturing to the future of personal transportation, entertainment innovation to consumer tech, we have a proven track record of concept to market product development across a plethora of industries. Utilizing cutting edge design tools, visualization renderers, and prototyping technology, along with a focus on sustainability, manufacturability, efficiency, and quality design, we blur the lines between art and science to create beautiful, functional products.

Located in Downtown Los Angeles.

Located in Downtown Los Angeles.

BRCHN Design House: A Look-Back

Year two thousand fifteen. With experience in automated manufacturing & robot end-of-arm-tool design, education in entrepreneurship & marketing, and a proven productization track record, Sam Birchenough launched BRCHN Design House with one goal: to propel the product development industry years forward by redefining the process.

Fast-forward to today. BRCHN Design House has grown steadily in breadth & depth, remaining at the forefront of innovation & delivering unmatched results to a wide variety of clients.

We’re working hard to make the world a better place by focusing on a sustainable future.
— Sam Birchenough - Founder